DCH Represents at 2015 World Nations Dragon Boat Championships in Welland, Ontario

Today our teammates embarked on their journey towards representing the U.S. National Team at the 2015 World Nations Championships in Welland (Ontario, Canada). For many, their road began in 2014 when they made the decision to try out for Team USA, and nearly 2 years ago for Coach Randy when he submitted his application as U24 coach. Now here they are, just a few days away from competition.

From Left to Right: Hugh Fang (Premier), Lian Hsu (U24), Alex Sun (U24), Andy Gong (U18), Justin Zhang (U24), Jason Lin (U18), Hao Ran Yin (U18), Anthony Liang (U18), Sunny Chan (U18 Steerer), Randy Ng (U24 Mixed & U18 Coach), Daisy Chan (Premier), Irene Hu (U24), Carolina Sang (U24), Amy Truong (U18), Yu Yang Wang (U24), Tina Gao (U18)

Missing; Jack Huang (U18), Sidd Govil (U18), James Espeleta (U18)

Over the past several months, these paddlers have trained hard to earn their spot. When not spending time on a dragon boat, individuals were weight lifting in the gym, paddling on individual outrigger canoes in the fall, running 5Ks, 10Ks, and half-marathons, competing in indoor regattas, realigning their bodies to strict diets, and motivating one another to push their barriers. However, training at this level of intensity did not guarantee a spot for Worlds.

Each paddler was reguarly tested and assessed for their level of fitness and paddling technique. Over the course of the selection process, paddlers were required to submit fitness evaluations and participate in time trials to finalize their seat on the boat. Our Premier Adult candidates, Hugh and Daisy, travelled to Arizona, Ithaca, Philadelphia and Tampa for time trials, training and camp, while U24 candidates spent time in San Francisco for training camp. It is a trying process that requires a high level of dedication and commitment. Being selected for the national team marked a milestone in their journey, but the real battle lies on the water against the other national teams from all over the world including Canada, China, Australia, Chinese Taipei, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, Hong Kong and more.

While it is the first Worlds experience for many of our paddlers, perhaps it is not the last. The DCH family is pleased to have a strong presence in Worlds this year, and are proud of all our teammates who have pushed themselves through the selection process. Please wish them luck as their begin their races this week in Canada. Go USA!

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