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This Years White Jersey Goes to ... Sunny Chan!

To receive a white jersey on DCH is a privilege. It means the individual has proven their dedicated commitment over the past few years through continuous training, volunteering to manage the team, fundraising and displaying positive attitude. This has become an annual ritual initiated by our former coach, Timothy Woo, and has been passed down over the past several years.

Sunny Chan has always been known to lend a helping hand to his teammates whenever in need.

He is the first to step in to take care of our teammates, such as driving our youth home from practice or a race instead of hanging out afterwards.

He takes the time to teach, and always knows how to lighten the mood to make any process enjoyable. If you're looking for a laugh, he'll be the first with a clever comeback. He is a team player, always open to taking advice from others.

And most of all, he is able to dedicate his time to the team while still working hard outside of it as well.

With that said, congrats Sunny! Welcome to the white jersey club.

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