To Kunming We Go!

Our very own DCH paddlers are headed out to Kunming, Yunnan in China. There they will compete at the 2017 IDBF World Championships. The competition will take place from the 18th through the 23rd of October.

Our chosen DCH paddlers will represent team USA across multiple divisions including Premier Mixed, Premier Open, Premier Women and Senior A.

Hugh Fang: Premier Open (paddler)

Alice Tran: Premier Mixed, Premier Women (paddler)

Irene Hu: Premier Women (steerer)

Fernando Huh: Senior A (paddler)

Randy Ng: Premier Mixed, Premier Women (coach)

They have trained long and hard throughout the past several months to earn their seat selection on team USA. As candidates, they were required to perform OC1 (one man outrigger canoes) time trials in Philadelphia and Tampa. Once selected, paddlers continued to train hard and received specially assigned work from their head coaches leading up to the final days.

Training for team USA meant double duty sessions. Teammates trained on OC1s early in the morning while still expected to attend team practice afterwards. Our candidates often time received little rest in order to meet expectations. However, they will be facing their greatest challenge in Kunming against all other national-level paddlers from China, Thailand, Philippines, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, Russia and more!

You can follow our teammates progress in the upcoming week by watching them live via the link below:

Congrats DCH! We are all cheering you on back home!

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