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And This Years White Jersey Goes to ... Jack Chen!

To receive a white jersey on DCH is a privilege. It means the individual has proven their dedicated commitment not just over the recent year, but over the past several years through continuous training, volunteering to manage the team, fundraising and displaying positive attitude. This has become an annual ritual initiated by our former coach, Timothy Woo, and has been passed down over the past several years.

Jack joined the team in 2014, and ever since has made enormous strides. As a rookie, Jack initially weighed in at around 260 pounds and struggled on morning runs before practice. But over a span of 2-3 years, Jack pushed himself through a life changing transformation and has since shed an impressive 60+ pounds. Looking at him now, you would never imagine such a strong and fit athlete was the same round faced guy in his old passport photo. The customs officers at the airport sure didn't!

Not only has he achieved remarkable fitness expectations, but he has gone well out of his way to always lend a helping hand on the team. Jack has exceptional cooking talents and even changed the menu for race days to a more healthy, nutritious one adding more variety of fruits and salads to the menu! He helps oversee many team events, transporting team goods, driving teammates (sometimes their personal chauffeur), and cleaning. Most of all, Jack's personality and attitude represents that of an ideal DCH member: a kind heart towards others, a positive spirit and the motivation to always do better.

We couldn't think of a better candidate to receive this year's honorary white jersey. Congratulations Jack, and welcome to the white jersey club!

Who's next to earn this honorable mention?!

Jack Chen is the recipient of the White Jersey for 2018

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