No experience is necessary to join. Our junior and adult coaches will provide all the appropriate training. Please send us a message via our "Contact Us" tab to get started.


Do I need any experience to join?

For new joiners, there will be a deposit fee for the initial two years of membership.


Is there a membership fee?

No, we provide all equipment for practice including paddles and lifejackets. However, while we do not provide paddling apparel, we encourage those joining during the cold season to purchase the appropriate cold gear before paddling. Please ask our members for more information.


Do I need to purchase any equipment/apparel before joining?

No, we accept new joiners of all ages. Our current members ages range from as young as 12 to as old as 50.


Is there an age requirement?

Dependent on our race schedule for the year, the team may race as often as three times a month or as little as once a month.


How often do you race?

DCH travels both locally and internationally for races. Our main race in NY is the New York Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival at Fresh Meadows Corona Park. Other states in the past have included Princeton, NJ; Baltimore, MD; Atlanta, GA; Orlando, FL; Boston, MA; Philadelphia, PA; Washington D.C.; Hartford, CT; Tampa, FL; and more. International races in the past include Hong Kong, Canada, and Macau.


Where do you race?

Each year our team has as many as 160 active members.


How big is the team?

Dragon boat alone is a great sport to stay fit and meet a large network of people. Our team requires no annual fee for returning active members. We cater our training to all age ranges and levels of experience. Our race schedule provides the opportunity to travel to multiple states within the country, as well as high caliber competitions outside of the US. Most importantly, you will not find a more tight knit yet big dragon boat family as ours.


Why should I join?

No, it is not mandatory to attend every practice/race if your schedule does not permit. However, paddlers that desire to compete at an elite level should strive to attend as many practices/races as possible.


Is it mandatory to commit to every scheduled practice/race?